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Surf - Latest Surfing News & Trends

Stay on top of the latest surf trends when you stay in the loop with Quiksilver. We are more than a surf clothing brand, we are a surf lifestyle brand and that means that we are a source for everything surf related whether that means updates on the latest surf conditions around the world, details on breaking surf news stories, or information on the newest technologies and innovations in surf gear and products. Quiksilver is a company rooted in surf lifestyle, and the ocean mindset will always be at the core of our culture. We believe that enjoying an active, well rounded lifestyle is the key to staying happy and healthy for years on end and we will continue to promote that lifestyle through everything that we do as a brand.

World Class Surf Athletes for a World Class Surf Brand

Our professional lineup of surfers blows all competition out of the water. Their years of experience and dedication to the sport of surfing has developed each and every one of them into not only world class competitors, but honorable ambassadors for the sport of surfing. They continue to push the limits of the sport and progress surfing styles that surfers everywhere can aspire to. We are proud of the athlete roster we have compiled over the year and believe that this year’s surf team is one of the strongest we have ever had. With representation from all over the globe, we have brought high levels of talent to the Quiksilver family, and will continue to support our athletes as they continue to fine tune their skills as professional surfers. Many of our surfers have been featured in surf videos and you can see them topping the podium at surf contests around the world. Check out our surf team page on our website to view athlete photos and learn more about how each one of these amazing athletes got to where they are today.

One-Stop-Shop for All Your Surf Clothes & Accessories

It’s no question where you can find the best surf clothing and surf accessories - Quiksilver. We have been paving the way for the surf industry for years by constantly innovating new and exciting product designs for surf gear and surf apparel that raises the bar for the standards all surf products should live up to. Buy the best wetsuits and board shorts from our collections to ensure that you have the best experience surfing whether you are a beginner or a professional. Our surf gear accommodates all levels of surfers because we believe that high quality gear leads to a high quality experience in the water. One way we stay ahead of the competition year after year is by constantly innovating and tweaking our designs to include the latest technologies, fabrics and features that will improve your gear. Curious what all the fuss is about? Try out our surf clothing and surf accessories for yourself to see what all the fuss is about, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Check Out a Quiksilver Surf Event Near You

Get involved in surf culture by attending one of our surf events in your area. Witness the skills of our athletes, and experience the excitement the Quiksilver family has to offer. Our surf events are interactive and there is always something for surfers of all ages to enjoy. We like to have elements in all of our surf events that both young and old surfers are able to enjoy because one of our big goals is being able to grow the surf community and keep it going strong for years to come. Events often include live music, surf contests, and meet and greets with our athletes. We are continuously updating our calendar of surf events, make sure to check in to find out when we will be at a beach near you.

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