How To Style Graphic T-Shirts for Men

How To Style Graphic T-Shirts for Men

Graphic t-shirts are a true staple. They come in various styles, can be paired with different bottoms, and layered with all types of outerwear. With a wide range of graphics to choose from, there are many to express personal style.

What Is a Graphic Tee?

types of graphic tees

Graphic tees are casual shirts featuring a range of designs, images, or patterns printed on the front or back. They can feature logos, illustrations, or photo prints and come in short and long-sleeve options, often in a crew-neck style.

Finding the Perfect Fit

graphic t shirt fits

Finding the right fit for your graphic tee is essential for comfort and style. Having a t-shirt that gives you room to move while fitting your body well is just what you want – not too tight, and not too loose.

If you have a slim build, you might prefer a fitted tee, if you have a broader build you can choose a slightly looser fit. Experiment with different cuts and styles (regular fit, slim fit, etc.) to see which t-shirts work best.


Pairing with Bottoms


Pair men’s graphic tees with shorts or jeans for a casual look. Cargo shorts have a more rugged vibe, while amphibian shorts are a solid choice that can take you from the beach to a night out. You can match graphic t-shirts with slim-fit jeans for a more modern look, or wear distressed jeans for a more relaxed effect.

graphic tee and shorts


Wearing your graphic tees with chinos can create a more put-together look. Go for slim-fit chinos in a neutral tone or try high-tide slacks with a high-top sneaker or boot.

graphic tee and pants


Pairing graphic tees with joggers has all the athleisure vibes. Track pants and slim-fit joggers complement bold graphic t-shirts – try basic colors like gray and black to make your shirt pop, or go for a colored pair that match the graphics on your shirt.



Layering Techniques

graphic t shirt with jacket

Jackets or Sweaters

For cooler weather, layering graphic tees with jackets or sweaters gives you multiple outfit options. Pair a graphic tee with a workwear or bomber jacket for an edgy vibe, or denim jackets and zip-up hoodies for day-to-day practicality.

graphic t shirt with flannel

Button-downs or Flannels

Layering graphic t-shirts with button-downs or flannels is a good in-between if it’s not cool enough for a jacket. Leave the button-down open and try cuffing your sleeves at three-quarters length for a tailored look.



Footwear and Accessories


Footwear options are limitless when it comes to graphic t-shirt styling. Consider sandals for the beach. Sneakers work well for everyday wear, casual, or street-style looks. Canvas shoes are practical, breathable and easy to clean, while boots are best for cooler weather and outdoor adventures.

shoes for graphic tees



Alongside graphic shirts for men, accessories are a great way to showcase your personal style. Hats – baseball caps, beanies, or straw hats – complete your look whatever the weather. Sunglasses not only protect your eyes but can add different vibes to your outfits. Try aviators, round and clubmaster sunglasses for different styling to match your graphic shirt.

Men’s graphic tees are extremely versatile and let you tailor your outfit to your own personal style. Experiment, find your look, and add personal touches with graphic t-shirts.