Types of Hats for Men

Types of Hats for Men

Men’s hats are practical for outdoor activities and protection from the elements, regardless of the season. From classic baseball hats to straw beach hats to insulated beanies, we’ll look at the various types of hats so that you can find one that suits your lifestyle.

Different Types of Baseball Hats

Within the wide variety of types of brim hats, the baseball hat is a staple for everyone, especially for surfers.

The features that most commonly define baseball hats are:

  • Fabric: Cotton, polyester, twill, foam, recycled, etc.
  • Construction: Structured or unstructured, amount of panels
  • Visor/Brim curve: Flat, curved, semi-curved
  • Closure: Snapback, strapback, Flexfit®, hook and loop tape
  • Graphics: Blank, embroidered, embroidered patch, screen-printing, etc.

Read on to learn more about each of these common types of baseball hats.

Original Baseball Hats

mens baseball hats

There are many variations of the OG baseball cap, or dad hat, in terms of construction, fabric and graphics. The features that most often define this type of cap are:

  • Construction: Unstructured, 6-panel
  • Visor/Brim curve: Flat or semi-curved brim
  • Closure: Snapback or strapback

Trucker Hats

mens trucker hats

Trucker hats are known for their breathable mesh back panels that allow, along with their foam-backed front panels that often display graphics.

Other features that often define trucker caps are:

  • Construction: Structured, 5-panel
  • Visor/Brim curve: Flat or semi-curved brim
  • Closure: Snapback or Flexfit®


mens snapbacks

Snapbacks refer to the type of closure system used on the hat; two robust plastic tongues with nubs and holes that allow for adjustment.

Snapback closures are commonly found on all types of baseball hats.

Foam Mesh Hats

mens mesh hats

The foam mesh hat is a common type of trucker hat that’s practical for water activities. The foam backing allows the hat to float for a moment when it gets knocked off into the water.

Flexfit® and Technical Caps

mens technical hats

Flexfit®, aka fitted caps or custom fit hats, don’t have adjustable closure systems. These hats generally come in two sizes: S/M and L/XL, which fit most heads.

Flexfit® closures are a good choice for those that prefer a more custom look to their hats.

Technical caps refer to two things: fabric and construction.

  • Fabric – Generally light, water-repellant, quick-drying, protects from UV rays, and reflects heat. Common fabric types include:
    • Amphibian fabric (92% Polyester, 8% Elastane)
    • Micro-Polyester (97% Polyester, 3% Elastane)
  • Construction – Built with water-repellency and sun-protection in mind. Technical caps are often 6-panel unstructured caps that can have some or all of the following features:
    • Perforated back panels
    • Drawcords
    • Sun-protective flaps
    • Hook and loop tape closure

While baseball hats can be laid-back or athletic, the hats in the following section are great for sunny beach days.


Types of Summer Hats

When warmer days call for sun protection, there are a variety of hat styles designed to help keep you cool and protected from UV rays.

Apart from visors, the feature that summer hats share is their full brim, giving you the type of sun protection that other hats may not offer.

Summer hats come in a range of non-adjustable sizes and most have an adjustable drawcord to keep them snug on your head when the wind starts to blow.

Read on to learn about the different styles of summer hats for your warm-weather needs:

Straw Hats (Lifeguard Hats)

mens straw hats

These hats are a popular choice for sun protection because their wide, full brims shade your face and neck.

Their features include:

  • Fabric: Often 100% straw
  • Visor/Brim: Wide
  • Adjustable drawcords for fastening

Safari Hats (Boonie Hats)

mens safari hats

Safari hats, aka boonie hats, sit somewhere between lifeguard hats and bucket hats while still offering considerable sun protection.

Their brims are smaller and softer than lifeguard hats, as the hats are generally made from cotton twill or polyester fabric, which also makes them easy to pack in beach bags or for travel.

Most safari hats have an adjustable drawcord and sometimes come with protective sun flaps for your neck.

Surfing Hats

mens surf hats

Hats for surfing are usually made with foam-lined brims that keep them afloat if they fall into the water.

They typically feature:

  • Lightweight, flexible fabric for maximum comfort.
  • Earflap straps with chin strap closures to keep them secured on the head.
  • Eyelets or small holes for ventilation and water drainage.

Bucket Hats

mens bucket hats

Bucket hats, or fisherman hats, offer great sun protection with a low profile, and have even become a streetwear-inspired staple away from the beach.

They differ from boonie hats in that their full brims are generally smaller and project more downwards than outwards. Bucket hats can be pulled down snugly on the head because of their deeper crowns and sometimes feature a drawstring for outdoor activities like fishing.

Bucket hats are generally made from cotton, unless you’re looking at a specialty hat such as a surf bucket hat.


mens visors

If you like the retro look or prefer the freedom of less head coverage but still want to shade your eyes from the sun, visors are your go-to. Visors generally come with semi-curved or curved brims and are made of cotton.

Essentially a baseball hat without a top, visors are a popular choice for anyone with a lot of hair because it can sit in the open part of the hat.

Types of Winter Hats

When winter rolls around, it’s time for something that will keep your head warmer.


mens winter beanies

Beanies are the tried, tested, and true option for cold weather hats.

There are a wide range of beanies available, and two of the most popular styles are:

  • Fold-over beanies which range in thicknesses and profiles to suit your personal style.
  • Pom beanies that bridge classic winter sport style with functionality.

It’s good to have a range of beanies on hand during the colder months, so that you can choose a style to match the weather and your look.


Trapper Hats

Trapper hats are another type of winter cap that help keep you warm in the cold.

They typically offer some added technical features designed to keep the cold out, including:

  • Insulated ear flaps
  • Multi-layered design for added warmth
  • Chin straps to keep the ear flaps against your cheeks

Unless you’ll be in very cold conditions, beanies are usually a better option, especially for physical activities that keep the body warm, like snowboarding or hiking.

Bucket Hats

A winter bucket hat is one of the many types of bucket hats that protect your head from the elements.

The difference between a winter and a summer bucket hat is the fabric. Winter bucket hats can be made entirely of fleece, or have a fleece lining under a cotton twill or technical fabric outer layer.

No matter which fabric is used, the bucket hat’s full-brimmed style makes it a popular choice from the ocean to the mountains.

From classic ball caps to beanies, there are hats for every occasion. Having a variety of hats to choose from will help you navigate changing seasons in a style all your own.