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Men's Snowboard Scarves - Shop the Collection

Gone are the days of cold air finding its way in through the top of your jacket. At Quiksilver, we love to snowboard in all conditions, including ones that can be truly taxing which is why we design top of the line neck warmers and neck gaiters to keep that cold air from seeping in. A men’s neck warmer is one of the best ways to trap in your body heat and keep your face protected from harsh winds as well all day long. Our men’s neckwarmers are designed to provide maximum protection and top of the line comfort so you don’t feel like you’ve got a lot of weight on your shoulders.

Scarves Are Out, Neck Warmers Are In

No need to struggle with scarves this winter season. Bypass the hassle of figuring out how to wrap yourself in and out of a lengthy scarf and opt for one of our neck warmer or neck gaiters to keep you toasty on the mountain. A men’s neck warmer is a lighter alternative to the traditional scarf, it uses less material but packs in just as much heat protection. It is also easily storable when you start to warm up, just fold it up and throw it in a jacket pocket. All of our quiksilver neck warmers are designed to keep you cozy, but if you’re looking for some extra comfort choose a fleece neck warmer or fleece neck gaiter. You can never go wrong with a quality soft material, and the fleece lining we use to make our neck gaiters and neck warmers will stay soft on your skin so you avoid irritation.

Men’s Neckwarmers Are One Hot Item

One of the cool things about a men’s neck warmer is that it can double as protection for part of your face as well. You know those days when the time on the chairlift is a colder journey to fight through than your path down the mountain? Tuck your chin into the neck gaiter as you sit on the chairlift to stay out of the wind. For times when you start turning into Rudolph on your way down the mountain, pull up the neck warmer over your nose to keep the elements out while cruising down. While neck warmers are a great way to keep your face protected, we know that some days call for a full defense which is why Quiksilver offers a range of snowboarding face masks. A snowboard mask is perfect for days when it’s actively snowing, the wind is really biting, or if you just like to keep your skin from taking too much of a beating. Plus, this is pretty much the only acceptable scenario in which you can enjoy wearing a cool full face mask without people thinking you’re a bank robber.

Buy Your Favorite Neck Gaiter Today

What are you waiting for? Head to Quiksilver’s online store today and buy your favorite neck warmer or neck gaiter. You will not be disappointed. Quiksilver’s convenient online shopping platform, varied selection of men’s neck warmer styles, and great customer service will make your shopping experience an enjoyable one.

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