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Neoprene Suits - Best Neoprene Suits for Mens

Aside from your surfboard, a wetsuit is the most important thing you need in the water when surfing. Quiksilver boasts a long history of designing and innovating men’s wetsuits that are proven to enhance performance in the water. The brand is designed around the sport of surfing and all of its components, and our long evolved love for the sport shines through in the ideas we develop for improving our designs each year. We pride ourselves on offering a selection of the best products available, and in order to maintain our expert status we constantly make advancements in materials and technologies we believe can transform a surfer’s experience in the water through our Quiksilver wetsuits. Our products stand apart from the competition, and are regarded as the best by professional surfers everywhere.

Quiksilver Can Help You Figure out How to Choose a Wetsuit

Whether you are new to the sport or have been surfing for years, it is always nice to learn about new technologies and designs that can help you understand how to choose a wetsuit. They are quite technical, and wearing a wetsuit suited properly for the conditions of the water you’re surfing in can greatly affect your performance. So what are some features you should consider when determining how to buy one? To start, we find that a guide can be very helpful to explain that there are different types of surfing wetsuits that can be worn in different types of water temperatures. When most people think of it they immediately think of full body wetsuits because this style is one of the most common. These ones are a great choice for a range of conditions because they offer full coverage for your arms and legs. Another type is the shorty. A men’s shorty wetsuit can also be called a spring suit and has short sleeves and short legs that are more suitable for mild to warm ocean conditions. A long john which is a type of sleeveless wetsuit and also commonly referred to as a farmer john, can offer full coverage for your legs with a sleeveless top in case you are looking to stay warm but really take advantage of the range of motion in your arms. Another type of sleeveless wetsuit is the short john which similar to the long john, has a sleeveless top, but alternatively has short leg bottoms. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the general characteristics of the different styles. Knowing more about what style you’re looking for will better help you to narrow down the selection process as you move into understanding more specifics regarding sizing and thickness.

Size Up Your Options With Quiksilver

To try to offer some perspective on thickness and sizing, we have tried to put together a temperature guide here to help. All wetsuits will come labeled with a range of numbers that are representative of their level of thickness and warmth protection. It is important to understand what these numbers mean so that you have a better understanding of how it will keep you protected in the water. Thickness is measured in millimeters and some common sizes include 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 7mm and more. It is important to note that while these numbers do represent thickness, you won’t actually see a wetsuit labeled simply as a 3mm. Wondering why? It is because thickness is typically different for the body, arms and sometimes even the legs of the it. The reason for this split design is so that the wetsuit can keep the core of your body warm, but also allow you to have easy range of motion for your limbs. You will find that the thicker it is the more restrictive it is in terms of motion. A thickness guide like this one is a great reference when trying to decide which thickness combination will work best for you. A 4/3 wetsuit is suitable in a variety of average to cold water conditions. A 3/2 is typically worn in average to mild water temperatures because the thickness is slightly less than that of a 4/3. For surfers who want to increase the warmth for their core in colder waters, a winter one like a 5/4/3 is an ideal combination for enhanced warmth and consistent mobility. Some surfers also choose to wear heated ones if they are choosing to surf in extreme winter ocean conditions.

Wetsuits That Stand Out in the Water

Men’s wetsuits used to only come in the color black. Restrictions on materials and technologies allowed for little imagination to be incorporated into designs. These days, we are lucky enough to have a wealth of advancements in technology that allow us to be able to design colorful products that have their own unique style. Surfers can choose from a range of colors like red or patterns like a camo to express themselves in the water just as they would in their lifestyle clothing. Choose one with a bit of a kick next time you shop with Quiksilver, and never get lots in the lineup again.

All the Men’s Wetsuits You Need to Buy are at Quiksilver

Buy a Quiksilver men’s wetsuit today and enjoy the comfort that will progress your performance each time you get into the water. Visit our online store to shop the full collection and buy the style that is most fitting for your next time in the water. Got questions? Our free customer service help line is available to answer your questions as you shop so you can choose the best one and be happy with your purchase.

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