"The suit is very stretchy, so a good wetsuit in the high-performance category. Just keep in mind that all new neoprene is much warmer than been-through-a-season-neoprene. In testing we liked that the Cypher Fuseflex is a light, very flexible and an overall very comfortable suit. It's a good choice for a top-end high performance suit. As previously noted the frontzip on this suit is simple and secure (if a bit tight to get into) with high-end details like the glued tackpoints and reinforcement band at the base of the zipper... Overall we'd recommend the Quiksilver Cypher Fuseflex. It's a very flexible suit due mostly to Quik's Fuseflex seams and the high-end, light, stretchy neoprene. So for those of you with an eye toward a performance oriented high-end suit. This one is a good bet."
- surfersvillage.com

We have taken the warmest wetsuit out there and re-built it using FN-LITE Neoprene - not only more flexible than other super strech neoprene, but it's also 16% lighter because it has more air cells in it, more air cells equals more warmth and lighter weight. The Fuseflex eliminates seam stitching and reduces taping by 60%.

Beyond the Warmth and Stretch
"Growing up in Hawaii, wetsuits haven't always been on my mind but the yearn to find larger waves has taken me to some frigid water and my Cypher suit is always there for me. Beyond the warmth and stretch, what I really like is how quickly it dries because putting on a soaked wetsuit is never fun."
- Mark Healey, team rider

Super Warm and Flexible
"Great Wetsuit. I surf every day and this wetsuit even though 3.2 is extremely warm and flexible. GET ONE! you wont be disappointed."
-Drew from Creek

The CYPHER is the ultimate combination of warmth and lightness that you want in a wetsuit. Our new FN-LITE neoprene is 16% lighter because it has more air cells in it, more air cells equals more warmth and lighter weight. This suit also features Hydrolock Seam Seals that Blocks out water and Bio-Fleece Thermal Neoprene which acts like a second barrier against the cold.

Great Flexible Suit
"The ignite is one of the best suits I have ever owned, if your looking for flexibility look no further."
-Bud Seyedin, Huntington Beach

"Great fit! Incredible durability and keeps you extremely warm!"
-Love To Surf

Great Suit!
"Great suit, so glad to have as an option on those really warm days with cold water!!"
-Lori, Encinitas, CA

The IGNITE is built using 100% FN-LITE Neoprene which is not only more flexible than other super stretch neoprene but it's also 16% lighter, you can feel the difference. It is also completely sealed with our HYDROLOCK Seam Seal that is 60% thinner and has more stretch than any other seam seal out there. The IGNITE is simply the lightest most flexible suit you can get.

The Pyre is for the person that knows the benefit of taped seams, wants high end materials for stretch and warmth, but is still on a budget. The PYRE combines high end features like 100% LFS Seam Seal taping (Liquid Flex Seal Seam Tape) on all seams, our 100% Hyperstretch 3.0 Neoprene, Bio-Fleece Thermal Lining that keeps you warmer longer, and a Hydroshield Water Barrier that keeps water out.

Great Suit!
"This suit is great! I ordered the LT and i am 6'5" 185 with a 32" waist and this suit fits perfect. Definitely a great buy and would recommend to others."
-Christian, Jacksonville, FL

"I have always bought other brands, but after ttrying on wetsuits at the surf shop this suit fit best of all. Used it and it is very warm and flexible."
-bob, Ocean City, MD

The Syncro is for the guy on a budget that still wants a stretchy warm wetsuit. We've combined our 100% Hyperstretch 3.0 that stretches when you do, with our Bio-Fleece Thermal Lining that keeps you warmer longer and our Hydroshield Water Barrier that keeps water out to give you the best suit for your dollar.